"To the lazy eye Kelly’s work may seem to fit into the trend of artists creating work that is purely whimsical and cute, but within the bright colours and everyday motifs is a quality that resonates much deeper.  Kelly’s work offers a beauty for us all to not only reflect upon, but for us to embrace, bringing this quality to life in our own day to day movements -  this is true inspiration.” Martin, Melbourne Australia.

“Kelly’s art shines like the stars, she uses colours of the rainbow in such fresh and lively combinations to reflect the wonder and magic of the universe.

Her abstract style, using geometric shapes and compositions to build a personal sense of grand space, embraces the viewer with Kelly’s love for life, her vitality and openness.

Having an artwork by Kelly hanging in your home is like bringing a piece of the galaxy inside, reminding us of our own true nature.” Bernadette, N.S.W, Australia.