Hello I am Kelly Zarb from Melbourne, Australia.

I started my working life in retail for various companies around Melbourne.  My dream had always been to work in retail and be able to connect with people everyday. Another major aspect of retail I loved was creating beautiful displays and the harmony made when items are placed in certain places.  As my enthusiasm grew I decided to enrol in a Certificate IV in Visual Merchandising at Swinburne Tafe. After I completed my studies I worked for some fabulous companies including Domayne, MNG and Country Road, where I could merge my two loves connection with people and the creation of displays. I worked for Country Road for over six years and needed a change of scenery. So from the large shopping centres of late, to the big wide open spaces of Warrandyte, Victoria. It is here that my life starts to flourish in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Warrandyte opened up a whole new landscape for my art and life in general.

Ever since I was very little, I remember the joy and playfulness making things brought me. The childlike wonder I feel and see in life everyday is reflected through my art with the use of bright bold colour interspersed with geometric shape, patterns and natural themes. Favourite mediums of choice include acrylic paints, inks, paint pens and water soluble crayons. I now solely co-create to reflect the amazing beauty all around us and I express it as I feel the world is for me. Precious and deserving of our full connection.

Other interests I enjoy are cooking, going for lovely walks, catching up with friends and family and connecting to many inspiring people via social media platforms.



If you would like to send me an email to say hello, I'd love to connect with you.