“As a young girl I really loved playing shop and making and designing things. What was then seen as child’s play became a true exploration of my life and a wealth of learning and experiences that then followed…..”


Kelly Zarb started her working life at the age of 18 in what was her dream job as a retail sales assistant in a small clothing boutique. It is here where she would pursue her two passions within the one role: creativity and connection.

She enjoyed connecting with people from all walks of life and serving their needs and also creating store displays that promoted harmony to the overall feel of the store. Over the years Kelly would continue to grow her skills and experiences from smaller boutiques to larger companies like MNG and Country Road and Domayne Furniture where she held varied positions in many different facets of the retail industry including sales, management, merchandising and stock room and inventory roles. 

“I began to see that retail had many amazing opportunities for growth and found my creative skills could be honed and honoured by attending further studies in a Cert IV in Visual Merchandising at Swinburne Tafe.” This would not only give me a greater understanding of the retail environment but also allow me to help and service my customers and staff equally and to show that the true power found in the retail industry is the connection we have with people.”

Over time Kelly Zarb would continue to grow her skills and experiences from serving customers to managing stores, merchandising displays to training staff. These skills and experiences not only deepened the connection she felt for her self but also inspire her to move from a large corporate company like Country Road and shift into a management position within a small family business on the outskirts of Melbourne within the beautiful small town Warrandyte, Victoria.  It is here that her life starts to flourish in more ways than one and she found new inspiration and joy from the surroundings to reignite her painting practises and confirm the quailties she holds.

“I used to think that my life was made up of small sections i.e work, family, art etc but that is not the case. Life is mirrored in all parts and it is how we move within these parts that creates the flow and inspiration for the masterpiece we live. “

She found that art was expressed in the way she lived life: not just how she moved her paintbrush on the canvas or the colours Kelly felt to use but in the way she served customers or the movements made in putting together a window display. Every movement built a consistent foundation for which she then lived her life making every part an important aspect of the whole picture.


Artist Statement:

“ Moments are captured in my heart and expressed through my art. I enjoy using colours through feel and shapes by sight.”

Ever since I was very little, I remember the joy and playfulness making things brought me. The childlike wonder I feel and see in life everyday is reflected through my art with the use of bright bold colour interspersed with geometric shape, patterns and natural themes. Favourite mediums of choice include acrylic paints, inks, paint pens and water soluble crayons. I now solely co-create to reflect the amazing beauty all around us and I express it as I feel the world is for me. Precious and deserving of our full connection.

My work has a central theme of natural wonder and joy in colour. I love to build up depth and a solid foundation for my subject with layers of acrylic paints and acrylic ink. This process also frees up my subject matter and allows the piece to come forth, with what is there to be expressed at the time. 

The playful and intuitive way I work, leads back to what I enjoy most and that’s living a life full of love, colour and cherishing the simplicity of everyday moments. This brings a lovely stillness to the way I work, which is really what resonates with me. I feel a strong pull towards the moon,  the stars and the sky. Every night after work I walk down my driveway, I look to the sky to see which of my friends are shining my way tonight. I feel that I am part of this vast universe. In order to capture this vast magical land and ocean of energy, I have developed a formula of geometric shapes including circles, triangles and repetitive dot sequences to explore unity, I can’t get enough of this grand science. These different elements create the backdrop for the universe at large which is the central theme of my paintings. 

Getting my art to the world:

- A featured artist in the RAW Melbourne Artist Showcase (Nov 2016)

- Participated in a group exhibition called "Land , Sea & Sky," at Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina, N.S.W, Australia ( Nov 2015)

- Featured work in publication “ A Year of Painting,” for Lark Books (2015)

- Participated in Warrandyte Annual Art Show (2015)

- Featured work in The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Book "Create & Capture." (2012)

 - 2 sketchbooks permanently housed at the Brooklyn Art Library in the United States

- Commissions for private clients



If you would like to send me an email to say hello, I'd love to connect with you.